August 24

A Baseball Stadium Takeover for the Empowerment of Children of All Abilities
Check out the pictures below to see what Play Ball for All! brings to communities. Click on any picture or testimonial to get a bigger and better view of that image! 

Our foundations marquee event, Play Ball for All!, brings together the best in children’s art and art-therapy inspired activities, entertainment, music, movement and dance, along with professional athletes and celebrity personalities - all in the great physical space of a sports stadium.


Shared opportunities between children of different abilities and their families are facilitated as everyone has fun creating art, singing, and dancing along.  Play Ball for All! is a showcase of talent, community and national resources for families, and the beauty of kids and their communities coming together in a truly interactive and inclusive way.


The artistic and athletic adventure that is Play Ball for All! shares with communities the unparalleled results of children getting together to do and learn new things in a fun way.  Experts in education and support are on hand to assure all children have an opportunity to engage in all activiites. 


Increased confidence, cognitive reasoning, and problem solving are just some of the many benefits of well-crafted and creative kinesthetic learning! When these artistic and athletic activities take place among children of different ages, backgrounds, and abilities, we see the development of leadership skills, empathy, and compassion - with the longterm effect of yielding a decrease in bullying and destructive behaviors.


For families of children with special needs, a day at the ball field, stadium, or arena can seem too daunting. Unknown spaces, loud noises, and added costs to an often already stretched budget, can seem too challenging to many of these families. We’ve addressed these issues and guests are treated with special consideration 


Play Ball for All! is agrowing movement. Harnessing the momentum and success of our previous Play Ball! events, we are expanding our reach and creating a bigger and more inclusive event, reaching a larger population. We are in talks with sports teams and venues across the nation and fully anticipate a multi-city - and ultimately national - movement in coming years for the benefit of children of all abilities and backgrounds. 

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