“Let’s Have a Dance Party USA”


Supporting the Children of Our Troops

“Let’s Have a Dance Party USA” entertains and uplifts the children of deployed service members of the US Armed Forces through dance. The Live Stage Production of “Let’s Have a Dance Party USA” is aimed at touring the country visiting military bases across the nation with a program developed for some boogie-down fun aimed at children age’s three to six. 

A Show you Don’t Want to Miss

Every “Let’s Have a Dance Party USA” event is professionally planned, produced, staged, choreographed and performed. It is a true community-wide event that involves local military support staff both here and abroad, as well as youth services and parental volunteers. Each child receives a colorful “Let’s Have a Dance Party USA” tee shirt and a special gift from one of our corporate sponsors. At the conclusion of the event, both the children and parents are invited to a cookout, pizza or ice cream party where they can simply mingle, meet the performers or have a picture taken with one or all of our special costumed characters.


What people are saying


From Holly Petraeus, wife of David Petraeus, Commanding General Multi-National Force IRAQ and Former Commanding General of the 101ST Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell.


What a great activity for the kids!  The 101st Airborne Division soldiers are now embarking on their third division-wide deployment since 2003.  As a family member who went through the first deployment from 2003-2004, I can attest that special activities for the families who remain at Fort Campbell are hugely popular - and important for those who are "going it alone" as they wait for their soldier to return.  We had tremendous turnouts for our local initiatives:  Family Fun Days and holiday parties.  Parents who are acting as the sole caregiver are always looking for fun activities that they can do with their children. Please pass on the thanks of this Army wife for the support of military families.

From Vicki Cody, wife of Richard Cody, the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, former Commanding General of 101st Airborne Division at Ft. Campbell

What a fantastic idea!

What a great way to entertain our Soldiers' children. The Spouses and children of our Soldiers sacrifice every bit as much as the Soldiers themselves. We should do everything we can to help get them through these tough deployments. Bringing some fun and entertainment into their lives is the very least we can do.


Thanks for all you do on behalf of our families. We are all so lucky to have someone like you supporting our Army.

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