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Our Mission

The mission of The Children’s Fine and Performing Arts Foundation non-profit is to positively impact the lives of the Autism Community. It provides arts and music programs and events that give children a creative outlet to improve their self-esteem, reduce stress, and increase sensory stimulation.



Our Vision

"We Want to Use the Arts to Positively Impact the Autism Community."
Did you know that the Arts can?

Present an alternative to verbal communication – it provides a way for children who have trouble “speaking their mind” with words to express themselves directly, without words.


Help with social skills – it helps children who have social issues, communicate without direct face-to-face interaction. It also helps foster collaboration, teamwork and respect.


Address Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) – it helps channel annoying self-stimulated behavior into an enjoyable creative activity.

Full Support of the Autism CARES Act 2019

The Autism Cares Act of 2019 is a milestone in history and is making a huge impact on the community. We are working with the legislators on synergies that will enhance our Foundation’s offering for children with Autism.

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